You make me complete

You make me complete

"It's been years!" Macy exclaimed as she excitedly dumped her stuff into the travel bag preparing for the family getaway.

She recently resigned from her work after 5 years stay.

Her mental health concern was the issue. Hence, it was an urgent decision.

It was a long drive, but the overflowing excitement cancelled all the boredom.

“Hello”, “hi, long time.” To relatives that she hasn't met for a long time.

Childhood memories flashed back:  clothes covered with mud, running and playing, laughing and jumping, unmindful of all the cares of the world… Was it just yesterday? 

Everyone tried to catch up.  Each one with own stories to tell.  No silence or awkward moments to fill.  

Now, all adults separated by work, careers, hobbies, and young families. 

Wow, the sea water was waving high and low, inviting enthusiastically.

Rushing to the waters, they were like children running through the sand, chasing the waves back to the seas then scurrying back to the shore.

It was like conquering challenges while enjoying the process.

Macy hasn't done this for years even before the lockdown.  Her work schedule kept her from doing so.

"Finally, I'm free!", she thought as she paddled her feet and enjoyed every stroke of her hand.

Finally, she could enjoy the company of her own thoughts, as she let her body floated with the dancing sea.  She allowed the cool winds and the sunrays to bathe her.  For hours!

It was truly a well spent day.

Reconnecting with people…

Reconnecting with nature…

Disconnecting from the virtual reality of fear and depression…

Going deep within.

Upon reaching home, Macy was physically tired but mentally and emotionally refreshed. Heart filled with love, memories filled with joy.

It was a reset.

Her body needed to rest.   She immediately went to bed and slept like a baby.

The next morning was a new day. 

She noticed a mild itch on her face (?)… a mild skin irritation there.   She shrugged it off, thinking this was a mild sunburn and it would go away.

However, the next day, the itchiness was still there.  It was starting to disturb her.

Her sister casually advised her to apply OLEIA Rose Oil on the affected area after bath.

“OLEIA is for pain,” Macy thought and hesitated. Nonetheless, for lack of anything to apply, she tried OLEIA Rose Oil.

To everyone’s surprise, before the day was over, Macy noticed that she was not bothered by skin itch anymore.   Macy then asked from her sister the whole OLEIA Rose Oil bottle for herself.


It was a day of relief -- emotionally, psychologically and physically.

OLEIA Oil made it complete.