Time to stretch!

Time to stretch!

It was a fine Thursday morning.


We went to a family-owned retreat house in Cavite and attended a Yoga class with Pranic Healing.

The place was so conducive to relaxation.

Yoga mats and Picnic cloths were neatly laid on the grass.

There were two groups – one who will join the Yoga class and one for kids’ time.

Four years ago when I attended a yoga class, I remember our instructor applied a minty balm behind our ears during the last part of the session. It was an add-on refreshing feeling.

This time, I brought my favorite OLEIA Oil Peppermint

Before the session, I applied the oil on my wrist and bony part behind my ears.

The cool wind damping on our skin made it so refreshing while it mixes with the minty effect of OLEIA Oil.

I was ready for the relaxing session.


Every yoga pose made us focus on the “present moment” that we often neglected due to a busy life.

Every stretch released the tension that was built and accumulated over the years.

While focusing on the stillness while being aware of the surroundings, I could hear the giggles of these children.

Their hearts were filled with joy, free of worry and worldly cares.

The yoga session ended with healing.

Teacher Donna put a crystal on our stomach area, and she did Pranic Healing on us.

A wonderful reward for getting through the week.


After the session, I asked my friend about his experience.

To him it was a great time as he let himself be consciously aware of that “present moment” and let go of his worries.

It also gave him the chance to go inwards and ask himself what he really wanted to do with his life.

As for me, it was a good stretch – to become flexible on every situation that we face, be it good or not so good.

It was also a time to enjoy the minty scent of OLEIA Oil Peppermint – to remind myself that there’s this cool flavor of life within every challenge coming our way.

Truly, a cool and minty Thursday stretch!