Oleia Tangerine Oil

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Oleia Tangerine Oil

₱621.00 ₱690.00

One of the main benefits of Tangerine Oil is its ability to help boost energy and focus.

Known for its sweet, tangy and citrusy scent, tangerine oil is an excellent mood booster and stress reliever. With its delightful aroma and powerful effects, tangerine essential oil is a must-have in any natural wellness arsenal.

Oleia Tangerine Oil is a blend of essential oils, olive oil, pomegranate seed oil, moringa seed oil, virigin coconut oil and cetylated fatty acids from plant-based oils.

Whether you're looking to boost your mood, energize your body, or enhance your skincare, haircare routine, Oleia Tangerine oil is the perfect choice. With its rich regenerative properties, tangerine essential oil is a must-have for anyone seeking a fresh and invigorating way to improve their overall wellness.