Hi, my name is Angel. Friends call me Oleia Ann. I’m a biochemist, agripreneur, a wife and mother who wants a healthier lifestyle for my family, something that I was not able to provide for my own father.

My father died of aplastic anemia, a condition that occurs when the body stops producing enough blood cells. When I asked the Doctor what could have caused aplastic anemia, he said “exposure to toxic chemicals” is one cause.

Was your father exposed to toxic chemicals like those in paints? I said “NO”.

My father was a government employee doing office jobs most of the time.

However, I recalled that my father used to rub a “green liniment” on his body to relieve his muscle and joint pains, almost everyday. I did a research and learned that excessive use of this “green liniment” is harmful to the body and may even cause death.

I vowed that I will not let my own family use liniments and drugs that will hurt them in the long run.

As a Biochemist, I researched on natural ingredients that could help relieve pain and inflammation. I studied the fatty acid components and antioxidant properties of olive oil, moringa oil, virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil and other premium oils, and put together a synergistic blend in a final product now known as Oleia Oil.

First, I tested Oleia Oil on myself, my husband, my children, my mother, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. From skin irritation to muscle and joint pains, we all observed and agreed that Oleia Oil helps relieve inflammation fast. Now we have a natural alternative to harmful liniments. My painful experience concerning my father’s sickness will not happen to my family anymore.