OLEIA Oil for Every Juan

OLEIA Oil for Every Juan

I remember during my teenage years that my dad would buy grated coconut from the public market on a weekend.

When he got home, he would cook it until the oil was extracted from the coconut milk.

After cooling, my mom would apply the extracted oil on our hair and scalp 30 minutes before we take a bath.

Coconut oil is known for its variety of uses such as moisturizing the skin, protecting the hair from damage, protecting the skin from Ultraviolet rays and many more.

It can also be applied on the back lung area to improve a person’s respiratory system, according to an Integrative Medical Doctor.

The Philippines is one of the top producers of coconut in the world. This is why there are several companies that integrate coconut oil in their products. One of which is OLEIA.

A biochemist researched natural ingredients that could help relieve pain and inflammation.

She researched on the fatty acid components and antioxidant properties of coconut oil, olive oil, moringa oil, virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil and other premium oil and put together a synergistic blend to make a final product known as OLEIA oil.

Being an OLEIA user for two years now, I can say that it’s not just pain and inflammation that are being addressed by this product.

It also provides beauty solutions like OLEIA Rose Oil that I use as a facial moisturizer and makeup remover; while OLEIA Frankincense Oil helps fade those dark circles under my eyes.

OLEIA Lavender Oil’s relaxing scent helps me sleep well. This is also great for massage.

OLEIA Peppermint Oil’s cooling properties make me feel fresh during hot days.

I said goodbye to my flaky scalp with the help of OLEIA Tangerine Oil.

The simplicity of OLEIA Pure Oil did a major role to my mom during her massage.

One product with 6 variants that provide solutions based on your needs.

This is a must-have for every Filipino… for every Juan.

And yes! This has gone internationally.