Sunday Morning Jog

Sunday Morning Jog

It’s fitness time!

After years of hibernation, Riel decided to hit the road again one day.

He put on his running shoes, did some stretching and was ready to go.

He started his morning jog at 4am. It was a 15-km jog to his girlfriend's house. He rested for a couple of minutes and resumed jogging for another 3 km with his girlfriend Reine.

It was a great fine day, leaving all his worries behind as he took one step after another.

What a great way to start the week.

After the jog, he had breakfast at Reine's house and stayed there half of the day.

It was past 11 in the morning when he started feeling a bit of pain on his legs.

It has been a long time since he last did this kind of strenuous activity.

Reine's sister advised him to take Turmeric Tea and apply OLEIA Oil on the aching legs.

It was a well spent Sunday for Riel. 

Back home, Riel didn't have Turmeric Tea but he had OLEIA Lavender Oil.  He had bought it from Reine's sister .


Night came and he applied the oil on his whole body, especially on the upper and lower extremities.

Its soothing scent made him more relaxed.  He enjoyed a sound sleep.


The following day, he was so energized to seize the entire week.

Surprisingly, he didn’t feel any pain on any part of his body.

Then he told himself, “Maybe I really need to exercise regularly.”

Also, he kept a mental note:  he would use OLEIA oil before and after any extreme sports or strenuous activities.


“I could be an OLEIA Athlete”, he said.

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