Routine For My Skin

Routine For My Skin

When I was in grade school, I found it strange that a schoolgirl would use body lotion. I thought it was way too early for the age. 

My personal care products were limited to soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

A classmate introduced me to body lotion.  You see, I had dry skin then; we have been living in a place with cold weather.

However, my mom discouraged me from using it at that time. She said that my skin was still young to be exposed to chemicals.


I was so hard-headed that I didn’t listen to her. I was influenced by my peers in their personal routine care. Consequently, I kept buying and applying these skin care products on my delicate skin.

During college days, I started learning about organic products: from foods, drinks to cosmetics and personal care products.

I came to know that there were several chemical-laden and preservative-soaked products in the market.  A lot of these consumer products (including body lotions) have cumulative effects that may adversely affect health in the future. 

Consciously, I started to switch to organic products.

At first, though, I had reservations:  I thought it was a bit more expensive living in this mindset; but I’ve realized that it was more expensive to get sick (caused by chemically produced food and skin products).


Then I came across OLEIA Topical Oil. 

I thought that it’s just a pain killer like other liniments that I’ve used before. I realized, though, OLEIA is much more.

Being an OLEIA user for 2 years now, I’ve got a lot of benefits from all of its variants – Lavender, Peppermint, Tangerine, Pure Oil, Rose Oil, Frankincense.

Now that I work from home, I have more time for personal care; I’ve been using OLEIA Oils as part of my skincare routine.

Now that summer is approaching, I’m starting to use OLEIA Peppermint Oil alternately with my organic body lotion.

The cooling effect of peppermint freshens me up to enjoy the hot days.

At bedtime, I apply OLEIA Lavender Oil to my arms and legs to help me have a relaxing sleep after a long day.

Not to mention OLEIA Rose Oil as my facial moisturizer.

OLEIA Oil’s antioxidant property for a healthier and younger-looking skin is the main reason why I stick with this routine and product.


Why not try this plant-based routine to help maintain an ageless skin? Sshhhh… it’s a secret.

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