Chamomile In A While

“Joseph is now a single parent. It has been a year since he lost his wife to COVID-19.

He has been the father and the mother to his 7-year-old son; he has been the provider and the home keeper in the condominium they both live in.

Chamomile In A While

The alarm went off.  It was 5 o’clock in the morning.

Joseph stretched his arms & legs and struggled to get up from bed.

What a good day to start!

He had to prepare for onsite reporting in their office that day.


He cooked breakfast, woke up his son Mark to eat with him, got himself ready for work.

At 7:00 A.M., Claire, Joseph’s younger sibling, arrived.

Claire regularly took care of Mark when Joseph would go to work.

Claire helped Mark prepare for his online class.

After the class, she brought her nephew to a nearby park to relax and enjoy nature.

They then went back to the condo unit for lunch.

While having their lunch, Claire noticed that Mark kept on scratching his right arm.

When she checked, there were small rashes on his skin that Mark started to get irritated with.

There was no first aid kit or any ointment in Joseph’s unit.

Good thing that Claire always brought with her a travel size bottle of OLEIA Oil Chamomile.

She washed Mark’s arm, dried it up and applied OLEIA Oil on the rashes.

Mark liked the smell of the oil which also eased up his irritated mood.

Claire told Mark that she just had to reapply the oil later until the irritation subsided, so they went back to finish their meal.

Mark enjoyed the food with her aunt and after a few minutes.  Apparently, the itchiness didn’t bother him that much.


Chamomile is best for children’s skin irritation, insect bites and tummy aches.

OLEIA Topical Oil Chamomile is safe for sensitive skin due to its all natural ingredients formulated by a biochemist mom.


When Joseph arrived from work, Mark told him what happened to his arm and requested his dad to have OLEIA Chamomile oil in their house.

Joseph was grateful to Claire for taking care of his son and he asked her if there are other scents of the Oil because he badly needed a massage.

“Yes, there are! PeppermintLavender, Frankincense, Tangerine, Rose Oil, Pure Oil.”

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