Travel Light

Travel Light

Yay!!! Doors are now open for traveling!!!

Less restrictions and more opportunities for people to go back to nature.

While browsing my social media’s newsfeed, I’m glad to see travel posts from my friends and colleagues. It feels like everything’s getting back to pre-pandemic times.

I’m not fond of traveling, really. However, the long period of lockdown had a toll on my mental health.  Often in the past few months, I wanted to escape; to travel either alone or with selected friends.

Now that face masks and face shields are added to the checklist for travelling, it’s really good to learn how to do light packing.


Here are some of the ways:


  • Pack only what you need
  • Read it again. “Pack only what you need” ... What you really need.

    Oftentimes, we are so attached to things. We don’t have to bring our whole house. Just a few light clothes, medicine & hygiene kits.

    Since almost everything is available online now, I usually check on youtube the minimalist way of light packing.

    Me? I always have my 20-mL Oleia Oil with me when I leave home. My immediate remedy if I get dizzy, and feel itchy or pain.

  • Shut off
  • This is a good time for yourself and/or with your loved ones.

    You’ve spent enough time or maybe excess time for work. Now, it’s time to be kind to yourself, relax and go inwards as you recharge.


  • Let go
  • As we reduce the physical things to bring along, let’s also declutter our minds and emotions to give a space for fresh thoughts and new emotions.

    We cannot control everything around us but we can control what comes inside us. We have the willpower to do it.


  • Recharge
  • Find an open space to breathe in the goodness and breathe out all the fears and worries that this global situation has brought us.

    Feel the ground with your bare feet if you plan to go to a clean beach.

    Enjoy the refreshing feeling of the seawater if you'll have the chance.

    Feed your body with organic fruits and vegetables to boost your energy.


    So, what works for you?



    This travel mindset has made a great impact on my psychological health. The lesser things I bring with me, the lesser I think about.

    The fewer thoughts I have, the more fresh ideas come in.

    When we go to other places, Travel Light!

    And as we go through this life’s journey, Travel Light!

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