Checklist of A Cyclist

Checklist of A Cyclist

The current global health situation has made a significant increase in bicycle sales starting 2020.

It has become one of the commonly used means of transportation.

Needless to say, it’s also a good form of exercise to keep the body fit and healthy.


My dad in his late 50’s practices an active lifestyle through farming, jogging and cycling. However, he used to experience leg cramps.

He used to go cycling to far remote areas alone without bringing any bottled water and even his phone.

He has told us a lot of stories that made me think of a checklist that a bicycle rider needs.

  • Bicycle Check
  • Safety is our priority. Make sure to check the tires, breaks, pedals, saddle, wheels, lighting, bars & stem, chain, derailleurs and axles before going on a ride.


  • Proper Attire
  • In any sport, how do you like to move freely with an attire suitable to your needs?

    Make sure that your helmet, clothing and shoes fit you well. Caps and gloves would also help you have a comfortable ride.


  • Health Check
  • It's also good to ensure that you are in good shape to go for a bicycle ride. Follow your doctor’s advice if there are any contraindications on your condition.  This is to minimize risks of accidents during the ride.

    Also, don’t forget simple stretches before your ride.


  • Hydrate
  • This is a must in any outdoor sports you are into. Keep your body hydrated and it’s also better if you bring a bottle of water with electrolytes.


  • First Aid-kit
  • This is necessary especially if you plan to travel alone in remote areas where a medical facility is far to reach. Also, don’t forget your phone. But hopefully there’s a signal when you need it.


    There’s a lot more to be considered and these are only a few.


    As for my dad, I gave him a supply of OLEIA Topical Oil that I told him to keep with him wherever he goes.

    He applies it to his legs before cycling or even jogging to minimize the risk of him having leg cramps again.


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