Healthy Gift Ideas

Healthy Gift Ideas

I was browsing from my social media's newsfeed when I saw a post of my friend asking for recommendations on Christmas gifts.

A light bulb appeared on my head, "HEALTHY GIFT IDEAS!"

Health has become one of the top priorities of people, in general, as we deal with this medical war.

Let’s help one another in health promotion and disease prevention strategies.


So, here are my suggested ideas:

1. Brewed Coffee

Coffee everyone?

Coffee has antioxidants that help in reducing the risk of having lifestyle diseases such as cancer & diabetes.

These are available in various packaging (like coffee drip bags) and some with added flavors.

2. Organic Soap

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it serves as our protective barrier from contact diseases.

Organic soaps with natural ingredients nourish the skin and make it healthy.


3. Plant-based food

Who doesn't want to eat?

Plant-based Chocolates, cakes and pastries, as well as nuts, for your loved ones is a healthy choice as long as it has less sugar or natural alternatives.

Plant-based product consumption reduces the risk of having allergic reactions.


4. Virgin Coconut Oil

This is one of the products of the wonder tree.

This can be used for oil pulling, cooking, body lotion and hair treatment.


5. Oil Blends

There are different types of essential oils in the market. Each has its own use.

There are also some who make their own oil combinations.

In 2019, I received 2 bottles of OLEIA oil blends (of different variants) as a Christmas gift.

I was able to use one of them the night when I received it due to body pain. The following day, it's as if nothing happened.

It was the best Christmas gift I received that year.



You may add a handwritten note together with that gift.

You may use eco-friendly packaging as a sign of love for the environment as well.

Feel free to use your creativity as you add value to your gifts and give them to your loved ones.


A healthy holiday for you and your loved ones!

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