Remember RAIN when you feel in vain

Remember RAIN when you feel in vain

I was searching on what to listen to in an audio streaming app when I came across Pausecast by Hannah Pangilinan. 

It was very inspiring. At a young age, she has been promoting a holistic approach on a human being – mind, body and soul.

I can’t imagine myself at her age doing the same thing.

Whether you are a baby boomer, gen X, millennial, gen Z or gen alpha, you may have gone through different struggles. It can be a petty thing or a severe case.

Whatever generation you belong to, you may need to PAUSE.


Let me share what I’ve learned from that podcast:



What do you feel at this moment?

No rationalizing… no suppression… please. :)

Just observe.

It’s as if you’re looking at things from a third person’s point of view.


Do you feel empty or full?

Do you feel sad or happy?

Do you feel numb or sensitive?


The process is important.  Failure to recognize may mess up the whole thing.


“A” may also mean to allow.

It’s okay to feel what you feel right now.

Accepting doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree that it won’t change.

Accepting can help you to be kind to yourself.

Don’t resist. Just let it flow and let it go.



Now let’s analyze the situation.

Where do these thoughts and emotions come from?

Can I control the situation?

Can I control my reaction towards the situation?

Have I felt this way before?

Is there a pattern related to this situation?

Have I done something in the past to deserve this?

What can I learn from this?

Is there anyone who can help me with this?


Detach from the situation.

You are not the situation.

You may tell yourself,

“This is what I feel at the present moment but I choose to be happy.”

“This is what I think but if it doesn’t help me, I just let it go and focus on other things.”

What you think and feel are just parts of your entire being.

Whatever situation you are struggling with right now, take a PAUSE.

It may not be easy but you have the power to take action.

Remember RAIN when you feel in vain.

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