Here's a booster shot for you!

Here's a booster shot for you!

Back to basics!

We seem to take a few things for granted.  We are so blessed to have everything we need within our reach.

We rely so heavily on the advancement of science and technology, and we get separated from physical and in-person connection with other humans.

Psychological issues have increased (both reported and unknown); mental problems abound.

Everyone needs a boost!

Let’s consult the wholistic healer of Nature.


The 7 Doctors of Nature

1. Dr. Sun
Say “hello” to this doctor.
Great to have an early morning appointment with Dr. Sun.
Aside from drying our laundry, Dr. Sun helps our body synthesize Vitamin D which helps enhance immune system.

2. Dr. Water
Are our 10 trillion cells adequately hydrated?
Remember that our bloodstream is mostly composed of fluid.
Dr. Water helps in the proper functioning of our circulatory system and transports nutrients to other organ systems including our immune system. Likewise, it floods the toxins out.
As we keep track of our social media accounts, let’s keep track of our fluid intake accounts, too.

3. Dr. Air
When we are anxious or focused on our daily tasks, our breathing becomes shallow.
As we breathe in, oxygen goes into our lungs and is passed through the parts of our body through the bloodstream. If we maintain shallow breathing, we will be receiving less amount of oxygen which is not enough for the body’s needs in order to function well.
Let’s try slow, deep abdominal breathing from time to time,  especially when emotions are intense. 

4. Dr. Sleep
Machines and gadgets overheat, right?
Like them, our body deteriorates when overused. That is why we also need rest, relaxation and sleep.
When asleep, the body is able to recover and get ready to function again.
Just a tip: Make your bed conducive for sleep and relaxation. An hour before going o bed, refrain from using gadgets or reading books. Try to relax your mind. Declutter your bedroom.

5. Dr. Exercise
Now, release those tensions and stretch your arms up! On each side! Towards your back!
How do you feel? Relieved?
A simple head-to-toe exercise to start your day;
Also, take a break and have simple stretches.
This is good for our blood circulation.
A healthy circulatory system for a healthy immune system. :)

6. Dr. Diet
The body’s biochemistry is mostly dependent on the food nutrients we give our body. 
We may grow our own food or buy from our local farmers.
Healthy diet may be expensive for some, but hospitalization is more expensive in the long run. So, what do we choose?
Now that plant-based diets are being promoted, we still must choose food with less additives.

7. Dr. Energy
Everything is Energy. Our thoughts, emotions, words and actions have energy.
As we harbor positive energy like love, peace, joy, honesty, etc., we help our entire being to function well.
I remember a cancer specialist and surgeon who said, “Your health also depends on your disposition in life.”

Our human body has different organ systems (circulatory system, respiratory system, immune system, etc.) that affect one another. Malfunctioning of one may cause the malfunctioning of the rest. 

Same with these 7 natural boosters. All of these are essential to keep a healthy well-being and prevent diseases.

Let’s have a date with Mother Nature – the Wholistic Doctor.