I Brought The Sea To My House

I Brought The Sea To My House

Since last month, restrictions on COVID-19 protocols have eased up; more and more people were able to travel and enjoy Mother Nature. Beach Resorts have reopened to tourists and  travelers from different parts of the country.


The ocean and the seas are known to have therapeutic properties, too.  (Provided the body of water is clean and house to little or less pollutants).

Seawater is claimed to help in healing different ailments. It promotes relaxation and offers much comfort.

Seawater is rich in salt which is known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties.



As a company nurse to both private and government companies, I used to encourage my patients to take natural remedies before taking medications and/or to complement their doctors prescriptions.

My recommendation included salt solution gargle and salt solution for wounds, especially to those who could hardly afford antiseptic and saline solutions from the drug store.


When I learned about salt bath from an energy healing school, I included this in my health education for my patients.

My patients would ask me, “What kind of salt?”

I would answer them that they could use any type of salt but I would recommend table salt which is cheaper and convenient.



Since I took up the Basic Course from an energy school, salt bath has become part of my daily routine.

After taking my regular bath, I apply salt from neck to toes, let it stay for a maximum of 2 minutes and rinse them off.

It feels like I’ve been going to the beach everyday.

It’s very refreshing and relaxing.

I would receive testimonies from my patients and aunties that they experience the same when they do salt baths. Some would say that their body pains were relieved, and some would feel energized after this regimen.


Being an OLEIA Oil user for 2 years now, I use it to make a homemade bath salt with Lavender Scent Oil Blend.

I put a few drops of OLEIA Oil Lavender to the table salt, mixed it well, then Boom! I already have my homemade bath salt.

So if you have a bath tub in your house, you can dilute a kilo of table salt to the water, add some drops of OLEIA Oil Lavender and enjoy your Home Spa!


Try your salt bath now!

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