Health of the Future

Health of the Future

I can still remember when I was in primary school, it was when I learned about Go, Grow and Glow foods in our Science Class.

What we learned from school will just remain ideas until we practice them.

Growing up, I also learned how to eat fruits and vegetables as it’s being practiced in our household as well as in my Lola’s house (“Lola” means Grandmother) where I spent most of my childhood.

Despite this practice, I still loved eating pork. It was my favorite, especially “Sinigang na Baboy” (Tamarind soup with pork), my mom’s specialty.

I used to make pizza pandesal with hotdogs for breakfast because it’s easy to prepare.


Then, I studied in an energy school which promotes a healthy lifestyle and prevents diseases. I started to change my diet to plant-based.

The aim is not to be in good shape. It is to make the entire being stronger and healthier.

The nutrients that the body needs are already embedded in these plant-based foods. We just need to have the right information regarding this.

We relied on eating meat to get protein but there are also protein-rich plant-based foods like tofu, beans, peas, nuts and many more.

But wait… Don’t get me wrong. :D

I have nothing against meat-eater because I used to be like that.

This is just to give you some alternatives.

Let’s utilize this current situation as people learn how to be plantitos and plantitas.

Why not learn how to grow our own food?


In this fast-paced world where we can easily get what we want and need in just one click, may we not forget the basics of life.

The health of the future generation will become worse if we don’t teach this generation on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Also, the current generation can’t learn from us if they don’t see us practicing what we teach them.


And remember…


We are a holistic being. There are other factors to be considered like exercise, environment, psychological factors and many other things. Food is just one of them.


Let’s not forget to practice what we preach for the Health of the Future.