OLEIA Oil Reflects My Mood

OLEIA Oil Reflects My Mood

I’ve been an OLEIA Oil User for two years now and I am happy to have tried all the available variants. I apply that which suits my need or liking.  

Depending on time, situation or personal whim, OLEIA Oil makes me feel unique and specially pampered.

Let me give you a glimpse on the variants. 

Peppermint on-the-go

OLEIA Oil Peppermint makes me feel energetic. Its cooling effect, especially during hot weather, freshens me up.

Hhmmmm, on a more personal note, I find my partner more attractive if he smells pepperminty.

On another note, it helps me to breathe easily especially when I experience a clogged nose.


Relaxing Lavender

Wanna have a soothing massage after a stressful week? 

How about changing those sleepless night routines?

OLEIA Oil Lavender can help you manage.

Lavender Oil is widely used for relaxation due to its calming effect.

Good to have a readily available 20-mL bottle that you can carry anywhere.

Great help for anxiety relief.

Stimulating Tangerine

Feeling down lately?

If you’re the type of person who loves fruity scents, OLEIA Oil Tangerine is a great choice.

It can help elevate your mood and energy level as well.

Worry no more when you have pimple breakouts.

Don’t take my word for it.  Try OLEIA Oil Tangerine!

Lung friendly Frankincense

Frankincense Oil has been valued for its beneficial effect on the respiratory system and used to treat coughs, bronchitis and asthma.

My cousin experienced relief from OLEIA Oil Frankincense when he got flu-like symptoms last month. His wife applied this on his back, specifically the lung area before sleeping. It enabled him to enjoy a sound and restful sleep.


Rose Oil Bouquet

OLEIA Rose Essential Oil makes me feel more feminine and lady-like.  More so when I use it on my face as moisturizer.

Moreover, am grateful for its antioxidant properties to keep my skin healthy and young-looking.

A bouquet of Rose Oil would be the best material gift in a woman's wish list.

Mild Chamomile

OLEIA Oil Chamomile matches your child’s sensitive skin.

Best for children’s skin irritation, insect bites and tummy aches.

It also has a soothing scent that suits both mommy and baby.


Pure Oil’s Simplicity

As for my mom who doesn’t like scents, she prefers OLEIA Pure Oil for a massage.

Its simplicity makes it also versatile, with wider application. For hypersensitive adults, babies or elderly, OLEIA Pure Oil can serve as moisturizer to help soothe dry skin, itch or rash. Great for helping relieve pain, too, (of course minus aromatherapy). Yes, ideal for massage.


OLEIA Oil is a blend of essential oils, olive oil, moringa oil, virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil and other premium oils, synergistically formulated by a Biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues of the body, helping the affected cells to heal and regenerate properly.

This facilitates the skin to deliver anti-inflammatory nutrients to sore muscles and tissues. It also acts like a joint lubricant, helping the joints and muscles to glide smoothly, thereby improving workout and sports performance.  Better function and ease of movement.

By the way, have I mentioned it’s all plant-based and natural?