Keep Calm and Carry Oil

Keep Calm and Carry Oil

There was a sudden outburst of emotion by Janine that morning when she recalled the recent events.

She had cold sweats and difficulty breathing. Her chest started to tighten and her heart was beating fast.

She has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety.

She was not really into medication so she explored different healing modalities and alternatives to manage her situation.

She had been successful in doing so.

Until one day, something triggered the anxiety again.

After attending a virtual meeting with her subordinates, there was a feeling of wanting to throw up. For no apparent reason.

She has always been a health-conscious individual; she eats, rests and sleeps adequately.

However, she forgot to focus on the psychological aspect of her life.

Thinking that she was suffering from anxiety attacks again, she took a break from working, got her OLEIA Oil Lavender and applied it to her temples, forehead and wrists.

She did slow & deep breaths, savoring the Lavender scent.

As she started to calm down, she visualized the happy experiences in her life.

It was difficult at the start, but she managed to do it… until she felt soothed and more relaxed.

She leaned back on her chair, feeling the gentle breeze blowing on her cheeks from the open windows.

After an hour, she was well.

She took a leave of absence the following day to have a mental break.

She pampered herself with a massage at a Wellness Spa that she used to go to twice a month.

She handed the OLEIA Oil Lavender to the masseuse & requested to use it on her.

Lavender Essential Oil helps lift up one’s mood, reduce stress and aids one to relax.

OLEIA Oil Lavender is one of the variants of OLEIA Oil, a blend of natural oils synergistically formulated by a Biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues of the body, helping the affected cells to heal and regenerate properly.

Janine had a very soothing and calming massage that day.

She always carries OLEIA Oil wherever she goes.