Life is Easy With A Make Up Remover!

Life is Easy With A Make Up Remover!

It has been a long time since I put on full makeup.

When the world was not still using masks and face shields as part of their daily life, I used to have full makeup as part of my daily routine.

Working as a nurse in a company, I didn’t want to look like a patient. That is why I’d made sure that I look presentable when facing clients.

Then a lockdown happened.

Work from home became the new normal. I also left my nursing career for another opportunity.

The skin on my face & neck have been able to breathe from the chemicals contained by the makeup I used.


Technology has also been enhanced. I’ve been using the zoom application wherein there are makeup features so I didn’t have to put anything on my face to look presentable during virtual meetings.

However, I felt that things became just a routine and I got a bit bored.

I wanted something different from the usual way I do things.

I went back to the things that I love to do, including putting my makeup on. It just feels good that it enhances my femininity. I don’t know but it makes me motivated.

It was Tuesday. It’s about time to have a new look even at home. Haha.

We launched a virtual activity on that day and I wore a magnetic eyelash which comes with a liquid eyeliner.

Night came and it was time to prepare for bed.

After washing my face, I looked at the mirror and noticed that there were still bits of black lines on my upper eyelids.

Good thing that I still have OLEIA Rose Oil on my dresser.

Makeup hack!

I used it as a makeup remover and I was able to remove those black lines smoothly without any irritation on my eyes.

With other makeup remover that I’ve used before, I could feel a bit of burning sensation on my skin and eyes whenever I remove my makeup.

What is good about OLEIA Oil as make up remover is that it came from natural ingredients synergistically formulated by a Biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues of the body, helping the affected cells to heal and regenerate properly.

Besides, Oleia Rose Essential Oil has a powerful antioxidant, which can help both fight free radicals and reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It doesn't only help me remove my makeup but it also makes my skin healthy by helping its cells heal and regenerate properly.


Life is easy with OLEIA Oil Blends!