Time to socialize!

Last week, Cathy attended the wedding of a high school friend.

She didn’t feel like going, yet she had to force herself.

Being “one of the boys” during high school days, Cathy felt it was important that she be there in celebrating her friends’ milestone.

Cathy went with her boyfriend, Gelo.

The air was full of romance.  It was evident that love was in the air. Cathy and Gelo saw how happy and deeply in love the couple was.  

Everybody had fun. Everyone enjoyed the night.  With all the music and the bright lights. 

Except Gelo.

The lights!

The brightness was just too much for Gelo’s eyes.  Apparently, his eyes couldn’t handle too much glare.  He was prescribed to wear correction lenses, but he refused to. 

It started as a dull headache. 

Gelo didn’t tell Cathy right away about what he felt.

After the program, Gelo drove Cathy home.

Upon reaching Cathy’s house, Gelo asked her if he could just stay for a while to rest before going home.

What luck, Cathy looked for pain medicine but couldn't find one.

It was already late at night so the drug stores were already closed.

Cathy’s sister reminded her that she had a big bottle of OLEIA Rose Oil that she could use on Gelo.

Cathy got the bottle from the dresser and applied some oil on Gelo’s head. She massaged his entire head while his eyes were closed and resting.

In less than an hour, the pain subsided so Gelo went home.

Cathy knew from experience that OLEIA Oil is proven effective in helping relieve headache, tummy ache, rashes, and even dizziness.  It is safe even for adults and kids alike.

Cathy knew then that she needed to carry a small bottle of OLEIA Oil anywhere she goes. She had to make it handy anytime. For adults and kids alike. Especially for Gelo.

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