Bloom Like A Rose

Bloom Like A Rose

Bed Weather…

I woke up early that morning… ready to go to work.   Yet, I felt like going back to bed.

Somehow, I managed to get up and make a cup of coffee.

The coffee aroma filled my small room, inching me to start my day right even if the sky was not inviting.

Hey, get up. No time for drama!

The cold shower woke me up.  I reached out for the bottle of OLEIA Rose Oil on my dresser and dabbed it on as my body lotion. I decided to wear just a light face make up.

Got my car key, switched on the engine and off I went!

In the car, I could smell the scent of the Rose oil.

It made me feel good… oozing with femininity… sweetly empowered.

It was a smooth drive – less vehicles on the road, less stress.

For a while, my thoughts drifted away. 

Mine is a Type A (dominant) personality.  Yet, I am able to relate with my coworkers well.  

Of course, in all humility and with tons of patience, I steer the team to get the job done in excellence.  Fulfilling!


The smell of OLEIA Rose OiL enhanced the feeling of anticipation for another day.  It somehow brushed off all the clouds bugging my head. 

Feeling light over the things beyond my control, I just shrugged them off and smiled. 

The smile reached my eyes and softened my heart.

“The less baggage I carry with me, the more opportunities come in.

A bloom from within radiates outwards. It uplifts people in every little way.”


I reached the office early.  My heart beaming with joy from this morning’s reflection.

OLEIA Oil doesn't only benefit me physically but as well as emotionally and mentally.

Its various scents – lavender, peppermint, chamomile, tangerine, frankincense, pure oil, have made an impact on the lives of a lot of people as I read through the testimonials, hear from other OLEIA users and even experience it by myself.

#oleiahelpsme #getgoing

True enough.

Be it a physical pain or psychological pain, OLEIA helps me get going and bloom like a rose despite the thorns that surround me.