Ever since I could remember, I have always looked forward to the annual Holy Week. It has always been a form of Celebration.

We used to participate in different weeklong church activities.

Since it was our summer vacation, I didn't have anything to worry about.  No school projects, no deadlines, no class reviews.

Then adulting came… Things changed.

I had to report for work as a nurse in a golf and country club one holy week.

It was fulfilling on my part – helping people manage their health or attending to medical emergency to save a person’s life.

But on other people’s side, it could be a different story. 

It could be beyond my grasp… beyond my control… and I had to let a person go, to leave this world forever.


That was several years back.


I’m here at a cafe, dealing with life.

I find it therapeutic to gather my thoughts once in a while, and observe how far I’ve gone in this journey of being and becoming.

Meeting deadlines after deadlines…

Going through challenges…

And maybe… just simply… watching leisurely.

It’s the second day of the holy week and most people working in the corporate world are rushing to meet deadlines to have a great long weekend.

Some took an early leave of absence for the entire week to go to their home provinces. Others headed to vacation destinations to spend time with their loved ones.  Others booked time to spend alone.

Healthcare workers, security guards, and other frontline workers stayed in their posts.

There are really things that we just allow to let go and flow.


My mind wanders aimlessly to my right hand holding this OLEIA Oil Peppermint bottle.

This is my go-to OLEIA Oil variant.

Whether I’m rushing or relaxing…

Its minty aroma makes me feel fresh throughout the day.

This time, the refreshing scent reminds me to just flow and let go as I go inwards and reconnect with the Divine.

Inner reflections every now and then.   I hope to keep on doing it more often, Holy Week or otherwise (fingers crossed).

With this OLEIA Oil Peppermint, why not?