It’s Not Magic. It's OLEIA!

It’s Not Magic. It's OLEIA!

Since Meriel was in college, she had dreamed of becoming a housewife.

Growing up, she experienced her parents being so busy with their job that they didn’t have much time to attend to her emotional needs.

“No grudge against them”, Meriel usually said. “Maybe that’s the best thing that they knew at that time in order to provide for us.”, she would add.

Fast forward… she’s married.

Meriel has been working as a customer service representative in an international company.

She’s a loving homemaker to her good husband and witty daughter (like her).

Currently, she has multiple home-based jobs.

Despite the busy schedule, she still manages to have good quality time with her family.

This is a fulfillment of her dream, and she loves what she does despite the challenges.

OLEIA has been with her for 2 years now as it has helped her in taking care of her family.

She highly recommends OLEIA.

Her 7-year-old daughter calls it a magic oil as OLEIA Oil has a fast-acting effect on her tummy ache, rashes and itch.

Meriel knows that OLEIA Topical Oil is safe for her child.  As a Mom, she is confident that the all-plant-based healthy oil does not contain any harsh ingredients that may harm her daughter. 

A clinical study conducted by Dermatologists showed that Oleia Oil is dermal-safe; does not have irritant potential and works just like a normal saline solution.

For her child, Meriel chooses between Oleia Oil Chamomile and Oleia Pure Oil.

Meriel greatly trusts Oleia as it has also become a part of bonding moments with her husband.

An Oleia Oil Lavender massage is something that her husband looks forward to after a long day at work.

Oleia Lavender Oil helps reduce stress and has been found to help alleviate insomnia.

And of course, she doesn't forget to take care of herself.

Despite having a lot of things on her plate, she doesn’t miss having her beauty regimen using OLEIA Rose Oil. She applies a small amount of it on her face as a facial moisturizer.  And she bathes in the fragrance of the rose.

Meriel is grateful she has OLEIA.

“Let’s bring magic to our family with OLEIA Topical Oils!”, she would always say.

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