Weekend or Weekday?

Weekend or Weekday?

Mental Health has become one of the concerns that the world is currently facing.

As a healthcare provider, I encounter psychological concerns among my patients, my own family circle, colleagues and friends.

I observed that among my friends, cases had increased and worsened during the lockdown; and I decided to meet with close friends on three one-on-one dates or on group dates.

I chose to meet them face-to-face, following the health protocols.  I felt it was more real and interactive than video calls.

That was how I spent the last weekend.

It was a fulfilling, yet physically tiring weekend.

When I got home, I felt the pain on my legs. Then it occurred to me that we had endless walks with endless talks.  It was fun, though, while it lasted.

And, thanks to OLEIA Oil Peppermint, my favorite on-the-go buddy.

I reached for my blue rounded bottle, got a few drops on my palm and applied the oil on the sore legs. Ah, the refreshing scent made me feel well, too.  With a few up and down strokes, the muscles eased down until the pain was gone.

Hmmm, this is really a good muscle relaxant.

I always carry a 20-mL bottle of OLEIA Oil Peppermint whenever I leave the house. It serves as my first-aid kit for itchy throat, itchy skin and several types of pain such as headache, tummy ache and muscle pain.

It also relieves my nose from congestion when temperature changes in the places I go to.

Here comes Sunday night and I had this feeling of extending the weekend.

If only I could… haha.

I found it hard to sleep because my mind and emotion were full of energy thinking and feeling about my well-spent weekend.

Good thing that I have OLEIA Lavender Oil in my closet.

It helps me sleep better whenever I have insomnia.

Its relaxing scent soothes all the stresses from a long day and calms my mind and emotion from excitement.

I woke up early on a Monday morning fully energized and ready to seize the week’s challenges!

No leg pain. No sleepless nights. No stress.

Grateful to OLEIA Oils for helping me start the day right, survive the whole day’s challenges and end the day with a sound sleep.

Whether it’s weekend or weekday, OLEIA got me! Or I got OLEIA(?)