"Enjoy the Process", a Mental Health Tip

Almost everything is in a rush. 

The world demands. We learn to multitask.  We get things done.

We forget to enjoy the process. 

This insight keeps on haunting me.  Through the people I meet.  In varying times. In different places.

One day, I paused, I sat down. I focused on my breath and emptied my mind.  New insights came in.

Had you experienced seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing or feeling something that reminded you of a place or a person from the past?

It was because at that moment, you had a glimpse of that moment which could be associated with a past experience.

I was not really into essential oils. I just knew the smell of a few. Its aroma seemed relaxing but I didn’t spend time checking its variety.

Once, I was given OLEIA Oil Chamomile and Lavender by a friend.

I couldn’t really distinguish their difference. I just consumed the lavender first

When the bottle was already empty, I used the chamomile scent.

After some time of using chamomile, its aroma seemed familiar but still I couldn’t remember.

Then I realized that it has the same smell of baby powder that our lola (grandmother) used on us when we were still children. She already passed on a decade ago.

Since then, whenever I smell OLEIA Oil Chamomile, I feel so good as if I’m rekindling the joy of being with her in my childhood years.

At present, I’m enjoying making memories with my loved ones.

Just by being present with them is a good start.

And in every variant of OLEIA Oil, I have a story to tell on how each scent has connected our lives deeper.