Year-End Check

Year-End Check

It’s almost the end of the year…New Year is fast approaching.

It’s so great to be alive and living.  Amidst all the global challenges.

How are you today?  How are you feeling?  How are you doing?

How do you like to remember the things that happened in 2021?

With grateful eyes, let’s count the lessons this year has brought us. :)

Now… Let’s get those memories rollin’.


This year may have been a roller coaster ride for some; or may even have been a carousel roundabout for a few; and a Ferris wheel for many.

It depends on the way we look and handle those situations.

Mine has been a carousel ride. There were ups and downs during the first quarter of year 2021 but there were a lot of stillness and reflections as I continued dealing with the succeeding days.

During the last quarter of this year, I have given much priority to my health as it had been neglected until I experienced symptoms of sickness.

My buddy OLEIA Oil kept me company during those days, too. 



Oleia Oil Lavender has helped me have a restful sleep after a long day.

Oleia Oil Peppermint has given me prompt relief during menstrual cramps.

Oleia Oil Tangerine has become a beauty hack for dry scalp.

Oleia Oil Rose has brought me a feminine feeling when our Masseuse uses it on me.



OLEIA Oil Lavender has been with me and my significant partner as we have strengthened our relationship. I use this unto him during a massage.

Despite our clashing beliefs, my mom and I both agreed that OLEIA Pure Oil is great for massage. She’s not fond of scents. So this is the one that is being used for her massage.



I support their advocacy to share natural oil blends to help in reducing body pain and inflammation. And am sure there are more benefits that consumers can discover from these oils.

As we keep our body healthy and protected, we reduce the expense from hospital bills and medicines.



I enjoy my meditations more as I use a few drops of lavender oil to the salt solution where I soak my feet.


How about you? What’s your OLEIA story?

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