Unsore your Throat

Since the body has the ability to heal on its own, I don't really rely on medication unless necessary.
Unsore your Throat

Wow!!! Tiramisu!

I've been stress-eating lately and I felt excited seeing the cake on the dining table.

I hastily had a late lunch and gobbled the cake. The bittersweet taste felt heavenly.

Charged with the sugars, I went back to work and had a series of online meetings.

Evening came and I suddenly felt a slight tickle on my throat. Then it got more irritating.

Oh my! This can't be. I haven't gone out for a month now and I’ve just stayed in my room most of the time. No social contact within the household.

I drank pure honey dissolved in warm water. Honey has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

I also took sips of warm water to moisten my throat. I realized that I had decreased fluid intake that day.

It felt relief but it wasn't gone.

I continued my home remedy until the following night. I considered a salt solution gargle but I finally decided against it.

Before I slept that night, I also applied OLEIA Peppermint Topical Oil on my neck and throat area.

The following morning, I discovered the soreness and itchiness of my throat gone.

Peppermint Oil has antimicrobial properties and this is commonly used for sore throat and dry cough.

In addition to that, all variants of OLEIA Topical Oils are bioavailable, which means that when applied on the skin, it can be absorbed by the skin into the blood circulating in the body.

I keep all of its variants -- lavender, peppermint, chamomile, frankincense, tangerine, rose and pure oil -- readily available. My first aid kit at home. 

Whether I have a cough, sore throat, fever, stomach ache, body pain, tension headache, and even stretch marks and pimples, I choose any variant depending on my need. 

I so love Oleia.

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