Going Deep But Not In Sleep

The digital world has allowed us to have almost everything in just a click. It has also enabled us to work in different aspects of our lives.
Going Deep But Not In Sleep

Upon waking up, we usually check our smartphones.  And we use the different gadgets to communicate for work or leisure, oftentimes, the whole day. 


And now…

It’s bedtime!

It’s easy to close our eyes but why is it hard to rest the mind?

A study in 2020 states that an average person creates approximately 6000 thoughts per day.

How can one quiet the mind after processing this multitude of thoughts? 

Some even dream of the things they have done the entire day. So, upon waking up, they feel tired. Some even go through the day after sleep without sleep.

Some haven’t noticed that this has been the routine for months or years now.

Sleep is needed by our body in order to strengthen and repair its function. It is when we sleep that our cells repair and recharge to increase vitality.


So how can we have a good sleep?


  • S-hut them off. 
  • Let's consciously prepare ourselves to have a restful sleep. 

    Put those gadgets and wi-fi off an hour before your scheduled bedtime.

    Declutter the sleeping area. A cluttered environment can clutter the mind as well.

    Limit fluid intake at night so that you won’t have to get up just to go to the comfort room.


  • L-ie on bed to rest.
  • We need to sleep to rest our mind & body, right?

    So let those thoughts and emotions of the entire day go.

    Close your eyes.

    Inhale peace, love and joy. Exhale distress, anxieties and frustrations.

    Let the mind be still as you let your thoughts drift away into the sleeping state.


  • E-ssential Oil
  • There are several essential oils that induce sleep. Some of them are Lavender, Chamomile and Peppermint.

    As for me, I prefer using OLEIA Oil Lavender and Chamomile for a relaxing sleep because of its all-natural ingredients. I use OLEIA Oil Peppermint when I can’t sleep during hot seasons because of its cooling effect on my skin.


  • E-xercise
  • I’m not saying to exercise before your sleep.

    Set a time within a day or week to do physical exercises to help the body release the tension and absorb good energy. In this way, it can help release the physical, mental and emotional strains that make it hard for us to sleep.


  • P-ractice Regularly
  •  Practicing these tips regularly (or if you have your own ways), gives our mind and body a routine that can be imprinted on us.

    If it’s already embedded in our system, it will be easier for us to do it.


    Can we be kinder to ourselves? Can we give our mind & body the luxury of a good sleep every time we lie down? A sound restful night sleep is best.

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