Tummy Relief

“Embracing change is not that easy especially when we are used to a certain routine or regimen.”
Tummy Relief

I’ve been on a vegetarian diet for four years now. It was only a minor adjustment for me because I can choose what I eat. I lived away from my family in a rented space near my workplace.

I only go to my parents’ house on weekends so my dad would cook vegetarian dishes.

And then… poof!!!

Community quarantined happened! Major career shift was made!

I’ve been working from home for a year now.

Out of loving-kindness to my dad, I’ve managed to make some adjustments on my diet. This is to make it less hassle for him to think of what dish he’s gonna prepare. Though, I still prepare my own food if possible.

One day, he cooked “Bulalo” , a beef dish here in the Philippines. He put a lot of cabbage and potatoes on it.

It was the only time I’ll be eating beef again after several months. I was tempted to eat. I’ve eaten more than enough during lunch time.

Hmmmm. Stress-eating, sounds familiar?

Less than an hour after the meal, I went back to work.

Then, I felt bloated and there was a sharp pain from my tummy.

I applied OLEIA Oil Peppermint on the affected area, hoping that it would relieve the pain then I went back to what I was doing.

I was so focused on my task that I didn't notice that the pain was already gone.


The different variants of OLEIA Oil never fail to amaze me on its effect on the different not-so-good experiences I encounter.

If there’s a thing called a magic pill, OLEIA is my magic oil.

With its all natural ingredients formulated by a Biochemist, I can say that it’s one of the products that every home buddy must have.

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