Routine During Quarantine

Routine During Quarantine

“Happy Birthday!!!” It was 5:00 A.M. in the morning when my aunt greeted my sister in our chatgroup.

“Happy Birthday to me!”, said Reine, my sister.

It was followed by “Reine sent an attachment”.

When I opened the message, I saw my sister’s swab test result. She tested positive for COVID-19.

Okay! Our entire household has to undergo isolation. Plans are cancelled. 


Given our current situation, I had to add something to my routine to prevent myself from having the disease.

I’ve continued joining our online group meditation and study session in the morning.
In this session, we also do physical and breathing exercises. This is how I show gratitude to my mind, body and spirit for helping me thrive.
What a good way to start my day! 

I went back to my salt bath routine that I was taking for granted before this situation happened. My bath salt is mixed with a few drops of OLEIA Lavender Oil. I’ve gained a lot of benefits from this oil blends like being relaxed, pain-free and many more.

I’ve made sure that I eat on time and I’ve become mindful of the right quality and quantity of the food I eat. This varies from person to person especially if you have a medical condition.

More fruits and vegetables please!

I’ve kept myself well-hydrated to help my immune system fight any invaders that will enter my body.

Since I don’t have any symptoms, I continued with my needed tasks but I get periods of rest so that my body will not be overworked.

And before I end my day and go to bed, I give gratitude to the Supreme source of all things for the life lessons I’ve learned the entire day.

And finally, I’ve slept earlier to help my body cells regenerate and recharge to be ready for the following day.

Ironically, people usually take a pause and be mindful of themselves only when their mind and body starts to complain and get sick.

Being mindful of our daily routine can help promote health and prevent diseases.

What’s yours?

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