OLEIA Keeps Me Going

OLEIA Keeps Me Going

It’s only the second working day of this week but it feels like Friday! Haha.

With a lot of things that have happened and been done, I haven’t felt that the weekend is far from here.

Mainstream news, health of family, friends and colleagues affected by the current global situation, – dealing with these stuff in bulk is a bit tiring to both my mind and body.

Then suddenly…

There’s something uncomfortable in my throat. I grabbed my OLEIA Frankincense Oil and applied it on my throat area.

I just took a nap because I felt sleepy as well.

When I woke up, there was a feeling of heaviness all over my body.

“This can’t be!!!”, I told myself.

I immediately prepare a basin of water with a handful of salt. I usually put a few drops of OLEIA Oil Lavender on it but I don’t have any stock at that time.

So I put OLEIA Oil Frankincense instead and soaked my feet for 30 minutes.

Oleia essential oils are ready-to-use essential oils which are blended in virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil, olive oil, moringa seed oil, and cetylated fatty acids from other plant-based oils.

It is specially formulated by a biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues, which allows faster regeneration of injured or irritated cells.

After a few minutes of soaking my feet. I started to feel relief.

My body started to feel light so I went back to work.

Yeah! My body got back its momentum!

While working, I took sips of warm water to soothe my throat as well.

When I was thinking of any reason why it happened to my throat, I realized that…

Oooops! I’ve eaten a chocolate bar this morning with 3-in-1 instant coffee without drinking water afterwards. A lot of sugar!

Good lesson! Haha.

And now that I feel better, I’m ready to go!

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