Ready For The Holidays

Ready For The Holidays

December 25 is one of my favorite dates.

It has been part of my mom’s family tradition (even before she was born) that we attend the Clan’s Christmas Reunion on this date.

I can still vividly remember when we used to stand in our bus ride home.

It was tiring, yes, but no less fun bonding with my cousins. It was exciting opening the gifts. And the cash, wow!  Haha.


The tradition went on until 2019.

All of a sudden, BANG… 

Virtual Celebration was all that was left.


And  then…

Good News!!!


2022  holiday celebrations have become less restricted

A lot of people are into the holiday rush!

We have witnessed the heavy flow of traffic again.


As we deal with the holidays, let’s not forget to take care of ourselves.

Keep in mind or list down an on-the-go checklist.

Here’s mine:


  • Water Container
  • Of course, this should have water in it. Just in case I get caught in heavy traffic while on the road.  A sip or two can help my parched lips or dry throat..

    Dryness of throat may induce cough and I wouldn’t  want to be the center of attention especially in a public place any time now. Would you? Haha!


  • Umbrella
  • I usually take public transportation and the weather changes from time to time. Better ready than sorry.


  • Enough Cash
  • I’ve learned my lesson. There are still some cafes and restaurants who don’t accept card and digital payment.


  • Snack
  • Again, just in case I’m caught in heavy traffic, I won’t starve.


  • OLEIA Oil Peppermint or Lavender.
  • Oleia Oil  is my all-purpose skin oil.

    This is my first-aid treatment for skin itchiness and insect bites.

    This also calms me whenever I have motion sickness during the trip.

    I apply it to my scalp when it gets dry and flaky. (On the road? Hihi)


    And Yes! I’m excited for the Holidays!

    How about you? What’s your checklist?

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