Let’s Go Girl!

Let’s Go Girl!

Embracing womanhood gave me challenging roles that I had to face independently.

Leadership roles, pressure of being the first-born and expectations from family and friends have empowered me and stressed me out at the same time.

Despite those situations, I still love being who I am. I deal with the world as I deal with my personal issues.

Self- awareness helps me understand and accept other people and events.

I would like to think I have really grown; I have matured as a person.

Of course, that includes my physical body as a woman.



It was mid-afternoon when I suddenly felt a heavy, painful feeling on my pelvic area radiating to my back. The pain was so intense that I couldn’t move at that moment. I just froze. I so wanted the pain would also freeze to a halt, but it didn't.

I didn’t experience dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) when I was a teenager. It all started when I embraced adult life and my body reacted negatively due to stressors.

I couldn’t imagine how some women deal with it on a monthly basis by taking pain medications and just stay on their bed for several hours because they can’t tolerate the pain.

Some even go to the hospital emergency rooms for symptom relief.



When the pain somehow allowed me to inch a bit, I immediately reached out to OLEIA Oil Peppermint in my drawer. I felt relaxed by its scent while applying it on the area where the pain was.

I went back to my working table and I just realized that the pain was gone.

OLEIA Peppermint oil is an effective natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. It was synergistically formulated to allow fast transdermal delivery to the blood vessels and tissues of the body, helping the affected cells to heal and generate properly.

The different variants of OLEIA oil made me go through the different health challenges I’ve been through in the past few months.

It’s a first-aid remedy that every household should have. Made from all natural ingredients, it is clinically tested to be safe and effective even on babies.

One way of empowerment is to keep ourselves strong and healthy.

No to dysmenorrhea!

Let’s Go, Girl!