It's Self Love Month!

It’s the month of love!

Feeling excited for Valentine's Day???

It's Self Love Month!

Since college, I’ve been looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends or a special someone.

The excitement from within hasn't vanished until now. Not to mention the “kilig” (romantic excitement) moments in intermediate school.

It’s the feeling of being connected to someone or something that puts on the fire within.


whether it’s a romantic relationship or even relationship with your friend, family, colleagues or pets; There’s this inner force that ignites from within as it extends to your whole being.

I’ve already been into different kinds of relationships.

And the best relationship I had is…

…my relationship with God and myself.

It’s not selfish to love yourself.

Being aware of who you are and taking care of that being is the best gift that you can give not only to yourself but the people around you.

Is it easy to do?

Well, it depends on you – on how you will embrace this idea and work on it no matter how hard things may be.

It can also be simple as ABC.

Let’s start with Letter A.



Be consciously aware of the present.

“I am chewing my food right now before I swallow it to help my body easily digest and absorb its nutrients that will be used to help me function well.”

Be aware of your needs.

“I get easily irritated lately. Maybe, it’s due to lack of sleep. There are so many things in my head that I sleep late at night dwelling on those thoughts.”


Big or Baby Steps

Now that you’re aware of your current situation. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What’s your goal?

Many of us want to do a lot of things. It would help to write them down and have your top 3 priorities.

If there’s only one, it’s fine.

If you have four, shorten them to three.

Have a plan of action and start doing.

Ideas will remain ideas until we execute them.

How fast you can act on them depends on you.

Everyone has his/her own pace.



Now, here’s the thing.

Until when can you stick with your habit?

How dedicated are you to achieve what you want even when things get tough?

But don’t be too hard on yourself.

Forgive yourself for the things you can’t do and thank yourself for every accomplishment.

Which part of your life has a feeling of rejection? hurt? anger? fear?

May you be able to let them go and fill your heart with love as it envelopes you to make it whole again.

After all, it is love that heals.

Be kind to yourself.

Love yourself.

Be HEALTHY and have a HEALTHY heart by HEALing THY heart.


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