I suddenly woke up before my alarm clock went off. I felt the heaviness on my head radiating on my nape.


A light bulb went off in my head -- It has been a long week that I forgot to give myself breaks in between tasks. I was so focused on doing my responsibilities at home and work.


That morning, I felt that my body already complained.


End of the story.


Hi there.

How are you doing?

How’s life?

It’s almost the end of the week and maybe you are still busy doing the never-ending tasks that you commit to.

But, just to remind you, “Please slow down”.

Yourself also needs you. Don’t forget to take care of “YOU”.

We may be so engrossed with doing our responsibilities to others that we tend to forget our responsibility to ourselves. We must also have time for leisure.

May we ask ourselves?

How do I take care of “ME”?

Sometimes, we are so busy taking care of other people…


How about “ME”?

Self-care is an essential tool needed by each individual but this is often neglected.

What things can we consider?


How do we motivate ourselves?

How do we keep ourselves going?

What are the things that move us?

Is it playing the piano or singing our favorite song?

L-et go

In reality, even if we want to control everything, we can only control ourselves.

Let the negative emotions and baggage go.

How do you like to travel? Heavy or light?


When a challenge blocks our way, we need not freeze. Surely, there is a way out.

We just have to know it and do it. Maybe, there are some lessons we need to learn.


How do we give value to ourselves?

Are the things that we do worth the time and effort?

How do we reward ourselves for all the efforts that we’ve done?

A well-deserved vacation? A day-off?  Or even an hour-off to breathe freely?



Even the battery gets drained.

Let’s not exhaust ourselves until we drop empty.



There are several ways of meditation.

Check what suits you.

Just by being aware of your breathing is already a form of meditation.

Still the mind and calm the emotions. 


Let’s move our body and be grateful that we are alive.

Self-care varies with you and with me.


Knowing and acknowledging our own needs greatly help as we serve others, the people, and all the beings in this place we call “world”.

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