Rose For Her

According to an article from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, research showed that parasympathetic nervous activity was enhanced by viewing roses. Therefore, by simple stimulus, roses possibly offer preventive medical effects by decreasing stress.
Rose For Her

The activation of our sympathetic nervous system brings our body into a relaxed state. This is one of the reasons why there’s a calming effect on women when they receive flowers.

Bouquet of roses is usually given as a gift to women during special occasions or even during ordinary days. There’s also this preserved rose to replace the bouquet of roses.

“Advanced Happy Birthday!”, I greeted my friend Liz as I handed over my gift to her.

“Wow! Thank you.” Liz exclaimed.

She was so excited to take a photo of that gift and upload it to her instagram account.

It was a bottle of OLEIA Rose Oil.

She had been planning to buy it when it was newly launched by Gracefield Farmacy but she had forgotten about it for quite some time.

I was wondering why she had been very eager to have it as it was just like any other variant of OLEIA Oil, for me, at that time..

Liz is in her late 30’s. She’s not fond of putting anything on her face. However, she told me the importance of applying moisturizers to decrease signs of aging.

She also said that these have to be applied while we are still young adults and our cells still have the ability to regenerate , not during our old age.

Having this in mind, I purchased OLEIA Rose Oil from Gracefield Farmacy and used it on my face, arms and legs.

“So, how do you apply this?”, Liz said.

“I apply an ample amount of it on my face after taking a bath or going to sleep. I also use it to replace body lotion on my arms and legs.”, I said.

OLEIA Rose Oil is a blend of Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rosa Damascena), olive oil, moringa seed oil, virgin coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil and other premium oils, synergistically formulated by a Biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients and antioxidants to the tissues of the body, for skin cell protection and regeneration.

It’s good to age gracefully without using products with toxic chemicals that will harm the body.

I’m only in my 30’s but I’m already preparing for my old age. I would like to maintain this healthy young looking skin as much as possible.