If, at times, you feel you are overstressing yourself with work or chores… get help, Get Going. If you’re down with body pain… get help, Get Going. If your child has itchy, irritated skin, get help, Get Going.  If you feel “you can’t even”… get help, Get Going.

Oleia Topical Oil is a blend of essential oils, olive oil, pomegranate seed oil, moringa seed oil, VCO and nutmeg oil, synergistically formulated by a Biochemist to allow fast transdermal delivery of healthy nutrients to the blood vessels and tissues of the body, helping the affected cells to heal and regenerate properly.

Oleia Topical Oil helps remove the symptoms of redness, itchiness, swelling and pain in the following conditions:

  • Back pain, neck pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder
  • Rashes, skin allergy, scabies, acne
  • Headache, migraine, stress
  • Psoriasis
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Dermatitis, eczema
  • Tendonitis, sprain
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Bruise, bumps, insect bites
  • Pain associated with stroke and cancer

Direction for Use
Apply Oleia Oil on affected  body part, 3x to 5x a day. Oleia Oil helps relieve acute pain and inflammation within a day or two. For severe & chronic cases, it may take more than 15 days for healing to take effect.

Safe Even for Children

Oleia Topical Oil does not contain harsh ingredients like methyl salicylate, camphor and mineral oil.

A clinical study conducted by Dermatologists showed that Oleia Topical Oil is dermal-safe, does not have irritant potential and is well tolerated in local skin treatment of muscle and joint pains.

For rashes, bumps bruises, insect bites and skin allergy, simply apply 3ml to 5ml of Oleia Oil on and around the affected area. Observe how itchiness, redness and swelling subside in minutes. No more irritation for your child. No more worries for you!

Avoid Using Lotions or Oils containing harmful ingredients on your child's skin

Salicylate Toxicity from Methyl Salicylate:
Methylsalicylate, also known as oil of wintergreen, is widely available in many over-the-counter ointments and lotions for the relief of musculoskeletal aches and pains. In vivo, methyl salicylate is hydrolized to salicylic acid. Five milliliters (5ml) of oil of wintergreen is approximately equal to twenty two (22) aspirin 325mg-pills.

Topical salicylates rarely produce systemic toxicity when used appropriately; however, methyl saliclyate can be absorbed through intact skin.
Exercise and heat exposure can enhance percutaneous absorption of methyl saliclyate. At least one death has been reported in an athlete using an excessive amount of a methylsalicylate.
There can be increased absorption of methylysalicylate with abnormal skin such as psoriasis, erythroderma, and burns.
There can also be increased absorption of methylsalicylate, if other products such as menthol or camphor are used concurrently.
Scrotal skin has been shown to have up to a 40-fold greater absorption of certain substances compared to other dermal regions.
Published by Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, https://westjem.com/case-report/salicylate-toxicity-from-genital-exposure-to-a-methylsalicylate-containing-rubefacient.html

Poisoning from methyl salicylate can occur due to abuse of topical creams containing methyl salicylate. Salicylate can be detected in blood after excessive topical application of creams containing methyl salicylate. Bell and Duggin reported the case of a 40-year-old man who became acutely ill after receiving herbal skin cream treatment for psoriasis. The herbal cream contained methyl salicylate, and in this case transcutaneous absorption of methyl salicylate was enhanced due to psoriasis.
Published by ScienceDirect https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/salicylates

An autopsy revealed a postmortem salicylate level of 82.6 mg/dl; 7.8 mg/dl higher than his pre-dialysis level, and the cause of death was determined to be acute salicylate intoxication. It was concluded that the cause of salicylate toxicity in this patient was due to continued dermal absorption of oil of wintergreen in this patient with chronic renal failure. Published by US National Library of Medicine https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2859737

The most concentrated and toxic form of salicylate is oil of wintergreen (methyl salicylate, a component of some liniments and solutions used in hot vaporizers); ingestion of < 5 mL can kill a young child. Any exposure should be considered serious.
Published by MSD Manuals https://www.msdmanuals.com/professional/injuries-poisoning/poisoning/aspirin-and-other-salicylate-poisoning

Doctors warn about Camphor poisoning in children: The alert is in a report in the May issue of the Journal Pediatrics about three toddlers who suffered seizures in January 2008. They had either eaten camphor products, inhaled camphor or had it rubbed on them as a cold remedy.
Published by Medical Express https://medicalxpress.com/tags/journal+pediatrics/

Camphor is POSSIBLY UNSAFE in children when applied to the skin: Children tend to be more sensitive to the side effects. Doctors recommend that camphor products are not used on the skin in children. Camphor is UNSAFE in children when taken by mouth. Seizures and death can occur if these products are eaten. To be on the safe side, keep camphor-containing products away from children.
Published by WebMD, https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-709/camphor

Camphor can cause trouble breathing seizures and death: High doses of camphor, either inhaled or on the skin, can also be risky. They can cause skin irritation or seizures. Swallowing camphor can be deadly -- especially in kids. Camphor poisoning in children is a serious risk. Parents should consider not having camphor products in their homes. Never use camphor on cuts or broken skin. Children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use camphor.
Published by WebMD, https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/camphor-uses-amd-risks

Real People. Real Results

Adora Mendoza

Rosario, Cavite

“Since I used Oleia softgel and Oleia topical oil in 2012, I never had migraine attack anymore. Plus, the degenerative cervical spondylosis that required me to have therapy every six months, has not punished me again even if I haven’t had my cervical therapy for more than a year. I thank God for allowing His wisdom to flow to the formulator of Oleia, Mam Oleia Ann”

Janet Santos

Onboard StarCruise Virgo

“My secret weapon for body pains” Working onboard cruise ship is not an easy job… a lot of adjustments, long hours of work and no day off. We experience rough seas and culture shock…..headaches and body pains are my usual concerns…that’s why i make sure i always bring along my secret weapon, Oleia Oil. I’ve been using Oleia Oil since 2011 and it always saves my day….Thank you, Oleia"

Fe Villamor

Santa Clarita, California USA

OLEIA works! “Lately, i have been enduring a lower back pain, but as a strong believer of spontaneous healing that i am, i shy away from painkillers, until this pain becomes bothersome! I grabbed the Oleia Oil that my friend Lally gave me; poured a small amount on my palm, rubbed the oil on the affected area, in less than 5 minutes the pain is gone!” 

Cody Rabe Cavestany

Greenhills, San Juan City

“I highly recommend Oleia. Very safe, effective and good smelling. I survived pregnancy nausea because of this. Every time I feel nauseous, I apply it on my temples and nose for instant relief. My children (8yo, 5yo and 3 mos) and I have one bottle each in our bags. Then we have one bottle in our room and one bottle in the kids’ room. We even apply it on bruises and wounds and whenever the kids have fever and flu. Oleia is our go-to emergency aid. I love the lavender smell. Helps my newborn in removing air in her tummy and relaxes her to sleep. One time, the school clinic called me and informed me that my daughter kept coming back to them complaining about stomach ache. They have applied oils that we have gotten used to but nothing works. I instructed the nurse at the school clinic to apply Oleia found inside her school bag and the result was instant. At PTC my daughter’s teacher told me that she borrows my daughter’s Oleia whenever someone in class complains about ache and pain. Makes me feel proud. Thank you for making our lives better. Hope that more people experience Oleia’s wonder.”

Carmel Mae Ramos

Marikina City

"My son was diagnosed by a dermatologist to have scabies which started when he started to crawl. I applied generous amount of the expensive C** for 3 months, but the expensive product failed to lessen the lesions. My aunt advised me to apply Oleia Topical Oil. After 2 days of applying Oleia Oil, my son stopped scratching and the lesions dried up. In a week’s time, his legs were completely healed with no scars. Since then, Oleia Oil has been our first aid kit all rolled into one – for bumps, insect bites, prickly heat, coughs and colds relief, pre- and post- bath body moisturizer, etc. Oleia Oil is a must-have for kids. And moms, too" 

Susan Loida Soriano

Cagayan Valley

"Thanks OLEIA for helping relieve my daughter's eczema!"
My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis since she was 3 months old. For more than five years, we have resorted to different moisturizers prescribed by her pediatrician, some of them cost us quite a fortune. Just as when she turned six last July, I glanced upon this Oleia Topical oil at our local drugstore. I quickly searched it on the internet and read some reviews. then I gave it a try and bought the smallest size. Coincidentally, my daughter's eczema flared-up during that time and so I tried Oleia instead of the usual topical steroid she has been using. This is not bragging, but an hour after I applied Oleia to the affected area, the inflammation and redness subsided. She even told me to apply it on her whole body since she loved the smell. I massaged it all over her body and she slept without crankiness. I swear I will hoard stocks of this for future use. Thanks Oleia for helping mothers like me help our children! What a relief!”

Rev. Fr. Amadeo Vinasoy


“I became interested in Oleia when I heard about it over the radio. I got to try it when one time in our parish, I climbed 70 steps up for the first time. After 3 days, I could hardly walk. My feet were aching all over. I applied Oleia Oil for 2 days and then I was able to walk again. This is how effective Oleia is. I am happy to share this to a lot of people in need of the Oleia relief. Thanks to Oleia” 

Benneth D

Binondo, Manila

“I’ve been using Oleia Oil for 5yrs, para sa sakit ng ulo, o kahit anong kumikirot o sumasakit sa aking katawan gaya ng namagang sugat dahil sa pedicure, tooth ache, singaw sa gums, sa insect bites, tilamsik ng mantika sa balat, mga kati kati sa balat, sakit sakit ng katawan gaya ng frozen shoulder, balakang, mga binting pagod sa kakalakad, sa na infect na taghiyawat, mga tumutubong bukol lagyan kaagad...para sa akin ang dami nyang uses...take note: hindi ako seller ng Oleia...im just a satisfied user!”

Jennifer Coyoca

Davao City

“OLEIA Topical Oil relieves the pain of my daughter every time she has dysmenorrhea. She just applied Oleia Topical Oil on her abdomen, then after 3-5 mins, she is relieved of pain. Not only for dysmenorrhea, she also applies Oleia Topical Oil on her face whenever she has pimples. Very effective and safe, no side effects, all natural” 

Oleia Oil 20ml: P160.00
Oleia Oil 50ml: P375.00
Oleia Oil 100ml: P675.00
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